Monday, May 27, 2019


Oh wow, so a premium publication distributed across corporate offices came out today and am on the front cover, I will upload the e-copy once I have it but I am more fascinated by the way they described Sunny Okonkwo and this got me humbled never realized someone has an opinion of me like this cos I was not aware of this.   See Excerpt

"Sunny Okonkwo is a man of several facets, he is a trained Economist up to Masters level and Ph.D. in Development Economics in progress. Being an Economist has given him the ability to manage and consult for businesses ranging from Telecoms, Banking to Energy/Utility in Business Analysis, performance management, strategy and marketing, data reporting, market research, Balance scorecard management, and change management.

The interesting part of his dynamic world is that he is also a storyteller through films which makes him a Filmmaker, Actor, Producer, and Fashion Enthusiast. All these make Sunny a modern-day Renaissance man as he has a wide range of skills and expertise.
So when he is not working with corporate bodies on business analysis, strategy, business planning, performance management then he is in the entertainment world making magic and telling stories using films and visuals.
He is our Renaissance Man for the week because of his expertise in a significant number of various subject areas as such an African version of a young Leonardo da Vinci."

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