Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ciara Speaks Out After Husband Signs Huge $140m NFL Deal


They famously abstained from s-x before marrying in 2017. And while Ciara has openly spoken about her sex life with husband Russell Wilson since their marriage, she got shy when asked about her bedroom antics on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night.

The singer, 33, was questioned by Andy Cohen about their celebrations after Russell Wilson, 30, signed a massive $140m deal in the early hours of Wednesday to remain with the Seattle Seahawks for four more years.

The deal makes Wilson the highest paid player in the NFL and Andy was keen to know how he and Ciara celebrate

The WWHL host showed off Russell's short Instagram video in which the two announced the new contract from their bed.

'Aye, Seattle -- we got a deal! But imma see ya'll in the morning,' said the star quarterback.
'That's a very sexy video,' Andy said. 'Be honest, did you two have s-x immediately after inking the deal?'
'After we did that video, we went to sleep,' Ciara said, desperately trying to contain a smile. 'After the video. I mean, that video happened right after [he signed the contract]. That was the order of events in the night. So after we did that, we went to sleep. But I'm not saying what happened before.'
The host also asked if the two had a 'celebratory, crazy moment' after signing the contract.

Honestly, I'm just so proud of him,' she said. 'He's just incredible. But honestly, at that point, when you saw that video, we had went through a long day ... But you know, we were able to sleep very comfortably.'
Andy also quizzed Ciara on what her first big purchase would be now that she was married to the highest paid football star in the country.
'Um, that's a good question. I want an Hermes bag,' she joked, laughing.

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