Monday, April 9, 2018

PART 2: HELL IN PARADISE- A case of Globacom Nigeria Staff----- Married Women

Yes, we are back with the PART 2 of Hell in paradise- A case of Globacom Nigeria Married women.  

If you recall we promised to bring to our SG readers another version of this horrendous story. Now, read another version from one of the victims and let us know your thoughts. 

Globacom is a telecommunications brand that has build a name for itself over the past years. 
Unfortunately, it's activities are shrouded in lies, deceit, oppression and treachery. It is an organisation where you work like a slave and never get commended or rewarded. It is a place where the only reward for handwork is more work and you never get promoted.

Rather, foreigners (mostly Indians) are employed with little or no knowledge and experience on the job, they get placed at the helm of affairs, get trained by you the underdog and take all the credit for the work you put in whilst more official responsibilities are allotted to you without so much as the benefit of an increment in salary no matter how small.

Glo is a company that specializes in spending billions on advertisements with the aim of increasing subscriber base so that subscribers can be scammed via hidden charges and fraudulent data charges. Glo is an organisation that doesn't care about the physical  and mental health of its staff as it does not have a health management scheme for staff and cares even less about staff welfare. 

There's no leave allowance, travel allowance and end of year bonus. As a staff , you have no choice but to factor these necessities into your meagre salaries that never experiences an increment. Experience in GLO was, simply put, one of "suffering and smiling." with no light at the end of the tunnel till date.  

How do you explain the termination of appointment of a staff based on poor performance, a journey that started over 11 years ago which commenced from the Prepaid Call centre as an exceptional call centre agent, after 3 years, the staff was recommended for movement to the Postpaid CC also as an agent , based on outstanding performance and later on moved to different  high profile back end units spanning over a 5 year period, again, based on stellar performance before eventually being transferred to Gloworld? All these movements were based purely on merit and exceptional performance having come with their own attendant responsibilities. 

This staff remained dogged and committed to duty scaling different hurdles of challenges to ensure that the organisation continues to thrive. Not once was there any increment in salary or work incentive given that they strive to meet and in some cases exceeding set targets or how else would you explain the several movements? 

There were periodic appraisals carried out sometimes, this time, the staff were asked to come to Mike Adenuga Towers for appraisal interviews was slated for 10am.  These  staff were kept till late hours at night only to be ask trivial or unaligned questions like How long have been in Glo? what is your marital status and how many kids do you have? The interview lasted for about 2 mins on average for each staff.

At the end, only those who had access to the "Oga at the top" and we're privileged to be in contact with him got promoted.  

Another unimaginable scenario in Customer care department happens when due to faulty generators management has resorted to rationing power in customer care building- 143A Ahmadu Bello way Vi.  For several hours call center agents and staff would be in darkness.

Imagine what would be told to the thousands of customers who would be unfortunate to call in at this time? Yes, you guessed right! "The system maintenance script". Similarly, there are a lot of faulty systems, insufficient work stations, lots of broken down air-conditioning units and as such they've resorted to using standing fans on the floor of the Call centre.

GLOWORLD (Friendship center) The retail stores 

Suffice this to say that in the last 11 years no fair salary review has been carried out. Majority of staff have remained on the same level as the company is one without any visible form of structure. 
To make it worst, all the female married Shop Managers, Stock Controllers, CCTLs and Gloworld Executives except very few highly connected and undeclared ones were affected. About 90% of the list are married women. A few guys made the list as it would have been too obvious if they took out all the married ladies and left them. Even then, it was still very obvious; like in the case of Ikeja City Mall where five married women were sacked including the manager and the only single lady was moved three steps up to take the job of another married shop manager who was also sacked.

This is so atrocious, cruel and vicious. Stay tuned for another version (Part 3). The plan is to make sure we tell different experiences these women have to the world to help get justice. It is a clear discrimination against women marital status. Marriage is a blessing and not a curse,


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