Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BBNaija: CeeC attacked at Lagos Airport?

Upon her arrival at the airport in Lagos earlier tonight, 1st runner up of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Cee-C may have been attacked by a rowdy mob.

Cee-C’s security could barely pull her away from the rowdy mob who were possibly assaulting her at the airport.

It’s no doubt that the former housemate who had a lot of controversy around her while she was still in the house, might have enraged a lot of people because of her actions but did that warrant her being assaulted?

As videos of her being assaulted begin making the rounds online, people are disgusted that these mobs would do such a thing all because of a game.

And at the same time, people are saying she wasn’t attacked but people were trying to take photos with her and were not orderly about it.

Fans of the reality show took to the social media to express disappointment on the incident. Some are of the opinion that no matter her actions, she did not deserve the assault.
Here are some reactions Sunnygist gathered from Twitter:
@Thorlulopeyy: Nigerians need to calm the fuck down! BBN is over but y’all are still angry! Ceec was attacked at the airport! I dont like her, but it’s not that serious naa haba! You all are doing the same thing you are accusing her of! Shame on whoever did that mahn.big shame on u #BBNaija

@Toyin_xx: Ceec was attacked and booed at the airport leaving her in tears I know she is not the best person but you all really need to chill #BBNaija

@zandilemthemb11: I’m so sad to hear that ceec got attacked that’s like woman abuse that’s uncalled for Nigeria it was just a game no need to get all worked up its not like the girl won anything #BBNaija

@Abeni223: Thank God I watched that Tobi and team Tobi on IG and I didn’t see anyone attacking CeeC. It was even one lady that was telling Tobi’s brother that some people attacked CeeC. It was all joy and love for Tobi, nobody has time for CeeC

@Ifunanyaaa: The Nigerians who attacked Ceec at the airport are the lazy youths Buhari spoke about. Surely, if you had better things to do you won’t go about being barbaric, no? y’all legit take laws into your hands and think it’s support. Shame. #bbnaija

@101naomi2: #BBNaija so I hear Ceec was attacked at the airport,biggy messed up, last season efe&bisola arrived together then marvis,tboss,debbie followed the next day, why couldn’t he do the same this time round..considering 2 camps don’t like each other..ceeC&Tobi.

@SirPutrosR: Booeing CeeC at the airport won’t change the fact that she beat your MCM….she’s more loved than Tobi….viewers liked her more than Tobi….just congratulate her n stop threatening the poor girl….thanx my fellow Miracle fans for behaving at the airport #BBNaija

I saw Miracle
They had to protect them…I heard ceec was attacked and she’s crying

— IG:SHEILA_TENNYSON (@Sheila_tennyson) April 23, 2018


CeeC was attacked???

This why we deserve our leaders.
We employ the same means we accuse them of employing to handle them.

We need to do better!

— Oluwalonii Oke (@loniioke) April 23, 2018

This latest reports of Ceec being Insulted and Attacked a the Airport as she arrived is soo sad to hear!!! Where from this madness?? Who did Ceec kill??? This foolishness must stop..too BAD #BBNaijaFinale #bbnaija cee c #BBNaija

— FIREMAN BANKS® (@KwasiSwatson) April 23, 2018

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