Saturday, March 31, 2018

HELL IN PARADISE- A case of Globacom Nigeria Staff----- Married Women


We struggle with race, tribalism, sexism, colorism, nepotism, gender discrimination and now  have added women gender status discrimination, one willl ask, how we got here. Amidst  the rumor and gist around town on how Globacom Nigeria treats its staff then comes mass sacking of over 90 married women for no justifiable reason, then there is a need for Human Right Activists and Labour Union to probe further and intervene before it becomes a norm.

If you recall in our last write up on the subject matter, we promised to bring a more detailed gist in regards to the retrenchment of married women from Globacom. Could there be a reason for this or it was just based on the fact that these women are married.

Based on emails from these staff, these women were sacked because they are married truly;

This married women issue actually began around mid-2017, when Glo management did a profiling of Gloworld staff (Like a friendship center shop). They were asked to send in two photographs each, one passport and one full size photo.
Topmost requirement was for them to properly fill their MARITAL STATUS.

Having done that, they were told that most of the pictures submitted were photo shopped as such no true reflection of how they appear or look presently; hence an interview was organized for these women in December 2017 which was supposed to be a job evaluation interview.

To their surprise, they were only asked personal question like; Are you married or single? How many kids do you have? Each interview lasted for just about one minute only with a professional photographers who took multiple pictures of  these women for some bizarre reason

Fast forward, in March 2018 they were exciting stories or rumors of some people being promoted all over the company, These women were taken aback when they realised they have been demoted and the single ladies and some guys were promoted to their various positions .  The newly promoted guys and single ladies were asked to resume at the various Gloworld to replace these women.

On Monday  March 9th, they received a disheartening letters from Glo management, simply saying there services are no longer required.

Now, these is disheartening, considering the fact that most of these women have worked for close to 15years, from the inception of the company and have toiled assiduously over the years and contributed their quota to bringing the company to where it is today.

Even though few guys were also asked to leave the company but it cannot be compared to over 90 women asked to leave the company. 
To crown it all, these victims were paid only one month salary in lieu plus their pending leave days, and a miserable stipend wickedly termed "terminal benefit".

Guys, please evaluate these case, why is government or labour union or human right not intervening yet.

Please check back after 24 hours for another version of this married women discrimination in Globacom from another witness.

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