Wednesday, March 28, 2018

HELL IN PARADISE- A case of Globacom Nigeria Staff


During the week, SG received myriad of emails from huge number of Glo staff and we were wondering what could possibly be going on? Opening the mails and images, we realized that all  the emails pointed to one thing with same tune, grieve, complaints, pain, sorrow, protest, resentment, rancor and all. They were disheartening emails from mostly women who were recently sacked from Globacom Nigeria. Is there a hell in Paradise as opposed to the perception we all had of Globacom as a luxury and rich company.

What could be the issue and why the recent outcry and upheaval?

SGteam swung into action to get more details and we were overwhelmed with the dreadful findings.

Stay tuned for the outburst story behind the sack here on Sunnygist blog.  There is actually Hell in Paradise------A case  study of Globacom staff. You will read the shocking emails from these women in the next publication.

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