Monday, November 30, 2015

Empress Njamah States That If She Had The Opportunity, She Would Ask God When She Would Get Married

Empress Njamah stated in an interview with Punch that if she sees God, she will ask him when she would get married and have kids.

She also spoke on her reason for relocating to Abuja and also about her foundation for less privileged kids.

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Speaking on getting married and having kids

“If I had the opportunity to see God, I would ask him when I would get married and have kids of my own.”

Relocating to Abuja

“I relocated from Lagos to Abuja because of my business. My clothing line was suited for women of the north and that is why I relocated to Abuja. I make long dresses and my target is Abuja women. My move has not affected my career as an actress. Even when I am 80 years old, I can still play various roles. If I relied on Nollywood, I would not be able to feed these children. My relocation has nothing to do with Nollywood. Even if I was still in Lagos, I would have still faced my business till it could stand on its own. The movie is always there and the roles still keep coming in.”

About her foundation

“Officially my foundation is 10 years old but I started the initiative when I was in secondary school to celebrate my birthday. When I was able to stand on my own I was able to float the foundation, Empress Njama Foundation. It is against my nature to take funds from people so I do everything with my money. I usually have celebrations with less-privileged kids on my birthday and every festive celebration like Valentine’s Day, October 1st, etc. I started in Lagos and I came back to Lagos after being in Abuja for six years to celebrate a decade of founding my foundation. I am so happy that most of the children have grown and are doing very well. Sometimes I find it difficult to carry on but God has always been faithful at the end. I built four blocks of classrooms for the children because I know that most of these children are very intelligent especially the blind ones.

“I have adopted all the children to my foundation. In Abuja I have about 1,400. Before I left Lagos, my foundation was catering for over 800 children. Now that I came to celebrate here I saw that they were lacking in a lot of things and I would change that. I don’t count my children, I count my joy

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