Tuesday, September 29, 2015

UNILAG Students Give Authorities Seven-day Ultimatum


The students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) on Monday gave the institution’s authorities a seven-day ultimatum to replace all mattresses in the halls of residence, to avert crisis.
The students yesterday embarked on a protest because bedbugs and mosquitoes was tormenting them and they could hardly sleep after the day's activities

The UNILAG Student's Union President, Abayomi Martin said:

“We want this management to be proactive in responding to the demands of the students.

“The authorities must not always wait for a crisis or protest to erupt before they react.

He said that the issue had been raised with the authorities before now and that nothing was done.

“There is a limit to which students can bear and I feel what they were protesting against is not out of place, because they paid for it.”

According to him, the whole place was recently fumigated, but it seemed that the bugs have developed resistance to the chemical.

“So, what we are asking for now is for the authorities to look for a lasting solution to this challenge.

“We hereby give them a seven-day ultimatum, beginning from today, to replace all the old mattresses.

“We want them to burn all the old mattresses, fumigate the hostels, do away with all the fittings, and then bring in new mattresses,” he said.

Abayomi said that the institution last fumigated the halls in 2012, when the institution hosted the National Sports Festival.


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