Friday, September 11, 2015

I didn't go into politics as a poor man-Desmond Elliot


 Nollywood actor and producer turned politician,Desmond Elliot has revealed politics has not changed him..Speaking to journalists recently, the Lagos State House of Assembly Representative  said

“I really beg to be different when it comes to politics. I didn’t go in as a poor man, I didn’t go in because I don’t have money to eat, that’s why I never changed my twitter or Instagram handle. I do everything myself, nothing changed about me.I hate when people over bloat themselves. For me, service is what it’s supposed to be, that’s why from the beginning of my campaign, I never wanted any political godfather, no one is telling me I put you there, then you must do this for me. I’m eternally grateful to my party for seeing me worthy to be in that position.“I don’t have an entourage, I just have myself, my PA and my driver and most times I do the driving myself. It’s a call to service because coming from a popular stand point I’m not seeking for popularity, the aim to leave a legacy of success and real change, he added

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