Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Being Mary Jane” Season 3 Drama Filled Trailer Released

Season 3 of “Being Mary Jane” is right around the corner.  “Being Mary Jane” fans get excited! We’ve got the first sneak peek at the upcoming third season and it’s filled with the drama we’ve come to love about the show.

In the third season first look, we get to see what happens to Mary Jane after her car accident that left us on the edge of our seats for the season two finale. In her personal life, the sexual secret between her on-again/off-again boyfriend David and her best friend Lisa comes out and she wants absolutely NOTHING to do with them.

In her work life, she’s forced to take leave from her news-anchoring job to heal after her accident. Meanwhile, a young Latina woman takes her place while she recovers that will cause some drama when Mary Jane is ready to come back to work. Does she still have a job?

Also, the other woman involved in the car crash with Mary Jane, a bookstore owner named Cecilia (played by Loretta Devine), seems to be looking for a huge come up after it’s seemingly determined the crash was Mary Jane’s fault. Chick is trying to get paid!

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