Monday, August 17, 2015

23 Year Old Albino Man Kills Himself Over Discrimination In Lagos.

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I had no idea that albinos were still being discriminated against in 2015!

It is being reported that a 23 year old man Ugochukwu Ekwe killed himself yesterday (Aug. 16) at his home in Festac Town, Lagos just after his parents had left for church, leaving him alone at home. He hung himself from the ceiling fan at his home and was discovered by his parents when they returned from church.

It is being alleged that he faced discrimination over being an albino. He had allegedly tried to kill himself a month ago but was stopped by a friend.

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A source in the neighbourhood told The Nation that his parents discovered his body hanging on the ceiling fan when they returned from church. He said,

On arrival from church, his parents were shocked to discover the body of their son hanging from the ceiling fan in one of the apartments. One of his siblings was said to have raised alarm which attracted curious neighbours. I was returning from church when I saw people gathered in front of the block of flats. When I enquired, I was told that Ugochukwu had committed suicide. He finished his secondary school education since 2009. I also learned he had threatened to take his life, saying he was frustrated. Later, we saw some policemen from Festac division who removed the body.
This is just heartbreaking!

But since this man had attempted to kill himself before why was he left at home alone when he refused to go with his parents to church?

We do not have any suicide prevention helplines in Nigeria. But if anyone reading this is having thoughts of suicide please talk to someone! If you don’t have anyone to talk to send me an email. Killing yourself is not the answer.

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