Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Sunny Gist is pleased to introduce ZYMBOM ENERGY DRINK to all young adults who need a unique energy drink that is unlike what you get in Nigeria market. This drink is created for young adults in particular and also appeals to people of all ages because of its exotic taste.  

The unique Zymbom™ Energy Drink taste, a mild fruity flavor, seems to activate the taste buds. Compared to the harsh, bitter aftertaste that is common with other energy drinks in the market today, Zymbom Energy Drink is much preferred. 

We refer to Zymbom™ Energy Drink as a focused energy drink because the formulation of the ingredients eliminates the jittering effects and the sudden “crash” that other energy drinks have.

Zymbom™ Energy Drink is also reasonably priced – well within the reach of the average consumer. With Zymbom, everyone can enjoy a high quality energy drink without breaking the pocket book.

Go buy this drink at any grocery store near you.

Place your order today and incase you are interested in being a Retailer/wholesaler of these Unique Energy drink. Kindly contact

Telephone: 08154441883

Emmanuel Abah: 08030536858

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