Thursday, June 25, 2015

You are better off alone-Toke Makinwa

                            Following her marital issues, Toke Makinwa is back with more advice to the ladies..This time, she is back with "You are better off alone"She says many people are in relationships were they are better off by themselves..She says regardless of how long you have been dating,regardless of what the man tells you.It's high time women start to take notice of the things men do and know when to leave..
She says she is starting a new hashtag #you are better off alone..She listed the following instances...

-If every single time you are crying
If the happy times are getting lesser..The drama is becoming more..Always thinking and crying..
Did you come to this world to cry for a man?If you are crying all the time, you are better off alone..She advises such women to clean their tears,pick up their shoes and move on

-If you realise he can do or live without you..It is nice to know someone can live without you but does not want to live without you..It's not about I but we..

-He keeps stringing you on...If he says if you want to stay, good.If you want to go,that's the door .. She says if you are an option,you are better off alone..If you are with a man for so long and no plans for a future with you, then leave..

-If you are dating a guy with no future ambition.He always takes from you,has no plans for his future..

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