Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Agbani Darego Launches www.adbyagbanidarego.com

One year after launching AD by Agbani Darego and opening the AD Showroom, Ex Miss World, Agbani Darego introduces the e-commerce website – www.adbyagbanidarego.com

The new site follows the expansion of the AD by Agbani Darego retail brand to accessories and other clothing items with new pieces from the brand consisting of gladiator sandals, handbags, sunglasses, chic shift dresses and tops.

The e-commerce website captures the much-loved AD in-store experience in a convenient, user-friendly digital platform.

“I am excited to introduce www.adbyagbanidarego.com. There has been a lot of interest from consumers in various states within the country and abroad and it is great to finally extend the AD experience to them. The site is easy to navigate and has been designed to provide consumers with a pleasurable, reliable and secure shopping experience,” says Brand Director and Founder, Agbani Darego.

www.adbyagbanidarego.com will stock all your most coveted pieces from the brand, from its range of jeans to the newly introduced product and accessory lines, making the brand easily accessible to shoppers everywhere as nationwide and international shipping is being offered.

AD by Agbani Darego will be unveiling a few enticing online-only offers to shoppers. You do not want to miss out, visit www.adbyagbanidarego.com to find out more.

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