Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"I Came To Lagos With A.B.C Night Bus" -- MI Abaga Opens Up

At Star Music Trek in Festac, Africa’s number one rapper, M.I, did two of the many things he knows how to do best, 1: He brought down the roof in a stellar performance that lasted all of 42 minutes and was worth every second. And 2: He shared his life story once again with thousands of loyal fans who trooped out to watch him perform live at the first leg of the Star Music Trek 2013 concert which held at Jite Open Field in FESTAC.

Interspersing his energetic performances with his usual wit and humour, M.I walked the length and breadth of the stage.

“How many of you have hustled the way I have”, he asked the crowd. Not getting a satisfactory response he interjected “I came to Lagos with ABC Night bus!

“3,500 naira that was what I paid, look at me now! I thank God and you guys for making me who I am today.”

Surprised fans who only recently celebrated with him on his acquisition of a brand new Bentley could take one more lesson home from the Microphone Magician:  Hard work pays!! Something the popular act has never shied away from.

And something he reiterated all through the concert even as he prepared to leave the stage. “Don’t give up on your dreams.  No matter what, don’t ever give up on your dreams!

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