Monday, June 17, 2013

Diamond Bank Launches New Campaign


Diamond Bank is set to break its new campaign to undoubtedly claim its position as one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria- providing customers with tangible financial solutions tailored specifically to suit their lifestyle.

Following a successful brand refresh in November 2012 where the Brand saw changes in its colours moving away from the monosyllabic greys and dark tones to more vibrant colours, the motive was to make the brand more approachable in line with its’ positioning as a leading Retail bank in Nigeria.
For more than twenty years, Diamond Bank has built equity as a strong reliable salient bank. Relatively unscathed by the upheavals of the Nigerian Banking sector in the 1990s and more recently, the Bank is now considered one of the foremost banks in lending to customers, SME banking and corporate banking especially in the oil and gas sector.

In a highly delicate and competitive banking environment with little or no product differentiation and where products are easily replicated, Banks must seek to clearly define their role and product positioning. Diamond Bank’s new media campaign “You need a new bank,” reminds customers of the power of choice especially when it comes to choosing a bank. As customers are becoming more discerning of banking products and services, the Bank is putting a stake in the ground- armed with a portfolio of products and technology to produce faster and more efficient services, the question becomes ‘’why do you stay with a Bank that does not meet your needs?” said Ayona Trimnell, Head Corporate Communications, Diamond Bank Plc.
The campaign will be carried across all touch points- print, radio, outdoor and television and is aired today Monday June 17th 2013

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