Saturday, June 8, 2013

BBA Host, IK Osakioduwa’s Wife Blasts Beverly Osu Over Comments On Hubby

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The wife of IK Osakioduwa, who is the host of MNET’s Big Brother Africa (BBA) show, Olohi has lambasted Nigeria’s representative at the show, Beverly Osu. The pretty wife of the tall and handsome top radio presenter took to twitter to vent her anger on the popular TV girl for saying what she (Olohi) claimed to be untrue about her hubby.

The former girlfriend of 2Shotz had reportedly said on the show that IK regularly goes to clubs. Angered by that statement, which got to IK’s wife, she reacted and debunked Beverly’s claim.

According to her, “this Ber'R'y is such a famzer. First, she talks crap about IK Osakioduwa in clubs. Dude doesn't even go clubbing except it's an event there. Now she's so sure his name is Ikechukwu. Child, he's not even Ibo Gosh!!! Can someone please muzzle on her?”

IK is a celebrity that has not really been in the news for the wrong reasons. He has hosted the show for more than three editions now.

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