Thursday, June 27, 2013

65 Year Old Crowned Most Beautiful In Elderly Beauty Pageant


Contest organizers in Brazil have pronounced 65-year-old grandmother, Irenilda de Oliveira Meneses as Brazil's most beautiful elderly woman. The pageantry was open to women who are above age 60. Out of 200 contestants, and being one of the 25 finalists selected to compete in the beauty pageant in Sao Paulo, the gorgeous grandmother has emerged queen. Meneses, a mother of two, has this to say about winning the pageantry, "To win is very exciting, very exciting. I'm so moved, I'm speechless, very speechless".
 The women were judged on their physical appearance, smile, personality, elegance and more. The entire essence of events as this, as summed up by contest organizer, Anilton Guedes, is that these elderly women feel like they are participating in life. They are brought out of whatever negative situations they face as a result of their age to feel happy, celebrated and young again.

Congrats! Being a beauty queen at this age is not an easy feat. More pictures after the break

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