Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Bio:Richard Akuson, An Upcoming Stylist

SG would like to Introduce Richard Akuson,  who is springing up as a young  fashion designer and Stylist.  In recent years, We have seen an influx of young, aspiring talents who bring much colour to  fashion  industry. They come with their own swag, a variety of styles and generally getting involved in fashion business and modeling .
When asked who is Richard Akuson , this is what he has to say for himself

 Richard Akuson was born and raised in Northern Nigeria. Growing up

in a relatively conservative region of the country, seeing women
covered up behind veils, men covered from head to toe, with only their
eyes, and hands exposed was quite normal. In the North, a family’s
honor is closely related the modesty of their children, fashion
independence is frowned upon. As far back as I can remember I have
felt out of place, even through life’s pleasant moments, I always felt
different, more alien than native. I felt like my dreams were more
suited for the fabulous cities of Lagos and Abuja. There tall, thin
and beautiful ladies held sway; ladies dressed in silk, lace and satin
walked around with an air of independence. My only connection to that
life of glamour was through my many collections of fashion magazines.
Getting a new magazine was a breath of fresh air and a lifeline for my
growing imagination and dreams. Thanks to these magazines my dreams
now include, starting a new life in Lagos, building up a styling
agency, getting acquainted with this life of fashion, glamour and
schmoozing with the A-listers.  I intend to achieve all these, as soon
as I am through with law school, and bar exams.

What motivated you to pick up a career in Fashion &Style?
In early 2011, I had the good fortune of getting acquainted with British-Nigerian designer Ade Bakare, whose luxury brand is only accessible to the wealthiest Nigerians. I got to connect with him through Blackberry messengerFrom then on, I would text line after line gushing over his awesome designs and the things I admired about him. I guess I made quite an impression because day after day he would squeeze me into his tight schedule and chat about haute couture, fashion,literature, international travel, world history and politics; chatting for hours until his battery ran out.

There is something magical about being in a fashion show that words
can hardly convey. From the realism of seeing and touching the
clothes, the lights , the tents, the air of expectation and of course
the runway; to the somewhat  muted expressions of the various fashion
editors, taking notes as they take in all the show has to offer.
Watching fashion shows on TV and reading through fashion magazines,
was the closest I came to experiencing the magic. That all changed in
November of 2012, when Mr. Bakare invited me to Abuja for a fashion
show he would be participating in. Lucky November is what I call the
experience, lucky because not only was I going to attend my first
runway fashion show, but Mr. Bakare had also invited me as a stylist
for his models. I, 19year old Richard Akuson, would be styling models
for the runway; I couldn’t believe he chose me above the experienced
stylists he knew. Needless to say I was in Abuja a day before the
show, tense, excited and very nervous. Up until this moment all my
knowledge of fashion was only theoretical, and so having to translate
that into something practical for the fashion runway was quite

The day came and I had various thoughts going through my head, what to
wear, how to smile when I meet Mr. Bakare, but none more that why? Why
would Mr. Bakare put his formidable brand image in the hands of an
inexperienced teenager? While this thought bounced around my mind, I
focused on the task before me, carefully dressing and accessorizing
the models, wanting to make sure everything was perfect. Mr. Bakare
was one of the last designers to show, and there I was, seated in the
reserved front row, with Nigeria’s fashion crème de la crème,
celebrities and socialites. Looking round, I felt somewhat like a fish
out of water, yet I could feel my shoulders rising a bit higher, my
head starting to grow slightly bigger, I belonged here. In that
instant everything felt familiar, this felt like home. This feeling
was only topped when Mr. Bakare smiling at me after he took his bow on
the runway, said "well done Richard, you did an amazing job". Those
were priceless and life changing words, they made up for all the times
I was misunderstood. I had never been so proud of myself; this is what
it felt like to be truly happy.

I said farewell and thank you to Mr. Bakare, and all through the drive
back to school, I had a huge smile on my face with tears streaming
down my cheeks. Quietly I resolved in my mind, to pursue a career in
the world of fashion. Knowing my father would see things differently,
but hoping he would come to realize that where the heart lies,
happiness abounds; and my heart was smitten.


Anonymous said...

I see one of d best stylist of our time in d makin, thumbs up 2 you guy d sky is ur limit!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrat richard wish Ў☺ΰ d best from david rotimi!!