Friday, May 3, 2013

Femi Brainard's White Wedding Holds Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, Saturday, 4th of May, the talented crossover actor, Femi Brainard who performed the traditional rites on his fiancé, Uche Nwokocha last November in Imo State will be walking down the aisle with his wife, Uche a top radio presenter with Top Fm in a glamorous manner.

Femi, we were informed, has already booked the Otunba Jobifele’s event centre, Imperia Hall willed to daughter, Mopelola Ojuolape, tucked behind Marwa Gardens, Alausa area of Ikeja, Lagos for his superlative wedding reception.
I’m sure you will be surprised to see Femi Branch as one of the groomsmen. Nene Seun Ojuolape too is one of the groomsmen who have thrown their weight behind the wedding.

Oh! I forgot to inform you that Femi has made adequate provision for some hefty men and mobile policemen to beef up security for any unforeseen event. (Solomon Akiyesi comes to mind) 
Anyway, the couple, Femi and Uche, met at Uche’s work place at Top Radio FM, Ikeja, Lagos, when Femi came for a show interview at the radio station.

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